Franchise by activity sector


You can create your ready-to-wear, clothing franchise in Tunisia based on the expertise and know-how of Wefranchiz.

Specialized in the franchise sector for more than 25 years, we have distinguished ourselves by providing our clients with attentive listening, prompt responses to their requests and by offering them advanced analyses to verify the viability of their projects.

As soon as your targets and objectives are set, Wefranchiz supports you in all the aspects of the franchise, whether that be strategic, legal, technical or sales.

Are you interested in one of these concepts and want to become a franchisee or franchisor?

2/ Services for individuals.

Your activity offers service to individuals and you plan to franchise it or you would like to become a franchisee within a company whose main activity is service to individuals?

Our team can work with you to define your expectations as franchisor or franchisee. We analyze your needs, draw up an exact plan corresponding to your profile and give you the means to carry out your venture to the end, thus ensuring a sustainable, solid business that will grow in the medium and long term future.

Wefranchiz is your privileged partner in the creation and fruition of your project.

3/ Real estate

If there is one sector known for its profitability, it is that of real estate and particularly franchised real estate agencies. The real estate sector in Tunisia is a dynamic market and offers a plethora of opportunities. The recent arrival of the giant Century 21 to Tunisia has opened new prospects for development and applications for the franchise are open.

The real estate sector is regulated and competition is fierce, which is why each franchisee will receive training to enable them to launch confidently in the market..

Would you like to open a franchise in the field of real estate? Wefranchiz accompanies you in every step, from the initial study of your project to the signing of the contract. Don’t hesitate, join one of our franchise networks!

4/ Automotive

Are you planning to open a car dealership, a car wash station, a car rental agency or a technical control centre? Why don’t we just do it for free? This allows you to reduce all the risks related to entrepreneurship and to rely on the recognizability and know-how of a brand which is already well known to Tunisians. Without having an image to promote, there will be no advertising budget required and you can start your activity without added stress.

Are you interested in this concept?

5/Food and Catering

Restaurant, bar, fast food, coffee shop, pizzaria, salad bar, Kebab, hamburger, tacos, food truck, vegan. The list is endless. Are you interested in one of these concepts, but don’t know where to start?

Wefranchiz brings you all the expertise, advice and support to become a franchisee or franchisor in Tunisia and abroad trouble free.

We can conduct market research, study your investment capabilities, analyze potential locations, and meet with franchisors. Wefranchiz offers you a complete package of services to achieve your franchise contract.

Join one of our franchise networks in food and catering!

6. Beauty and Well-being

Are you thinking of retraining? Do you want to become an entrepreneur and invest in a successful business without added risk? Hair salon, Hammam, Spa, nail bar, eyebrow bar, aesthetics, hair removal, nutritional coaching are all possible options. Many alternatives to beauty and wellbeing are on the rise in Tunisia and are recruiting franchisees.

If you have a project, let’s talk about it! Wefranchiz is your trusted partner. We accompany you from the initial study of your project until the signing of the franchise agreement.